Restorative Practise

Restorative Practice is a values-based philosophy; it aims to consciously build relationships, respond to harm/conflict in a way that honours relationships, and CONNECT us to our best selves and to one another. – Michelle Stowe Connect RP

In Glenart College, we aim to build relationships by recognising the voice of every student and member of our school community. We aim to develop self-awareness, self-esteem and resilience.


Restorative Discussion and Questions

A restorative approach to help those harmed by other’s actions, as well as responding to challenging behaviour consists in asking key questions:

  1. What happened?
  2. What were you thinking of at the time?
  3. What have you thought about it since?
  4. Who has been affected and in what way?
  5. How could things have been done differently?
  6. What do you think needs to happen next?

For further information, please click the below link:

Restorative Practise in Glenart College

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